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Kristina Zumstein

Kristina Zumstein is the lab manager of the Sinha lab and Department Safety Coordinator for the Department of Plant Biology. She specializes in tissue culture, NGS library construction, and protocol development – RNAseq, DNAseq, BrADseq, and GTseq. She develops and coordinates the lab’s Outreach programs.



University of California, Davis                   Microbiology                                      B. Sc.               2000


Professional Appointments

2020-present Staff Research Associate III
Plant Biology Department, UC Davis, California. Laboratory of Neelima Sinha
2011-2019 Staff Research Associate I
Plant Biology Department, UC Davis, California. Laboratory of Neelima Sinha
2004-2011 Staff Research Associate I
Plant Pathology Department, UC Davis, California. Laboratory of David Gilchrist
2000-2004 Post-graduate Researcher
Center for Plant Resistance Against Pathogens (CEPRAP), UC Davis, California



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